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With the cost of real estate increasing, you are likely to spend your lifetime savings on your dream house; and another fortune decorating it. And five years down the line, you would need a change. Either change your house or the interiors. As you grow old and your kids move from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, your preferences change. All the shiny, fluffy, colorful stuff needs to go and classy, soothing things need to step in. When kids are small you can simply throw heavy mattresses and fill their room. But with them growing up, you are bound to get some important furniture like bed, closet, and study table.


It is true that re-designing is expensive and worrisome but here are some ideas that will help you get a new energy flowing through your house cost-effectively:

Replace old with new and sustainable stuff: Technological advancements in last decade have left people awe struck. Today we are living in a world where there’s alternative for everything. Paper bags have replaced plastic bags similarly blinds have replaced vinyl coverings. Pure metal door knobs have been replaced by shiny and stronger alloys. It is time for you to find out modern alternatives and get them in your house. Replacing older wooden switchboards with modern ceramic switchboards can leverage your house with a new and exciting look.

Go elegant with wallpapers and say no to multi-colored walls: Wallpapers are less expensive compared to multi-colored walls. Instead of buying different colors for each room, choose wallpapers as per your mood and need. Apart from costing, wallpapers are better because they have a very classy look. With the in-numerous wallpaper patterns available, you have a wide choice to make your home standout. In case of simple colors, you face limitations in choosing furniture and appliances as well.

Minimization is the key: Minimization is the art of creating extra space without actually pushing the walls! Re-arranging furniture, mounting television on wall and acquiring modern day furniture can help you minimize. At some furniture stores in Gurgaon you can find furniture that takes up less space but add the requisite style and comfort to your home.

Replacing inexpensive stuff like frames and lamps can do wonders: Replacing photo frames and lamps with new ones can give your house a totally new look. Move on from the old-style golden and silver colored frames. Give way to mahogany wood frames. Search online for DIY frames, lamps and other decor objects. They are economical and unique. See your home come to life with these minor changes. You can do some online shopping for these small-nothings with impressive discounts and save some extra bucks.

If you don’t like what you get online there are startups which can customize anything for you.

U and i furniture in Delhi-NCR brings to you luxurious furniture which is high on looks and low in cost. Their unique products which can be customized easily will leave you mesmerized. If you are looking at giving a new look to your abode and not burn a hole in your pocket, U and I furniture is the place to go.


Mr. Vermuri is an Entrepreneur based out of Hyderabad. His interior designer after going through our works shorlisted us for his new house's furniture. Furniture included master bedroom's bed with side tables, unique satvario stone dining table, coffee and side tables and chest of drawers. All furniture was done in Oak wood. Each furniture piece had something unique like use of material, dining table had stone top, side tables had metal frame, chest & bed side tables had solid steel legs and bed had real cow leather at the back. Mr Vermuri shared with us some reference images, autocad drawings and of course customization he wanted in each piece of furniture. It was a real challenge to use so many different material as well as different designs of each element. But we accepted this challenge and are really happy to have reproduced what was expected from us.

These are just few of the images from whole lot of furniture.

Ms. Shaswati Das wanted unique wing chairs which she could not find anywhere. She was very particular with kind of Wing Chairs she wanted. She shared a reference image with us and we are proud to have made the chair as per the specifications and customization.

Unique, luxurious, customized, comfortable furniture at its best. Ms. Das is extremely happy and satisfied and will vouch for our quality wing chairs.

These are just few of the images from whole lot of furniture.

When Mrs. Roy (CFO of Pizza Express) and Mr. Roy (Serial Entrepreneur) wanted unique customized furniture for their home in Grand Vasant, they came to us and shared some reference images & thoughts with us. A couple of book shelves, a luxurious eight seater dining set, a sofa set, two arm chairs, a coffee table, a bed end table were some of the pieces we produced for them. Some of the pictures of what we delivered are displayed here.

Unique, luxurious, customized, comfortable furniture at its best. No wonder Mrs and Mr.Roy were extremely happy and satisfied and will vouch for our quality and service standards.

These are just few of the images from whole lot of furniture.

This is how it works if you are looking for customized furniture. You can get your customized furniture in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 - Send us images of furniture your are looking for.

Step 2 - After going through the images we will ask you few questions. These question will help us in putting down your complete furniture details, specifications and requirements.

Step 3 - Based on the details we will send you quotation of each furniture. And best part is we don't charge anything extra for customization.

Step 4 - After approvals and payment we will deliver freshly manufactured furniture directly from the factory.

It is so simple. So go ahead and get what you always desired of.

What did we do when an Italian designer Mr. Gian Carlo Savian challenged us to make furniture as good as the best Italian furniture? We accepted the challenge gleefully. We got sketches and dimensions with reference images and we created the most beautiful modern furniture. Italian designer had lot of good words to say about us and client was too happy to own beautifully done luxurious designer furniture. Images will speak for themselves.

These are just few of the images from whole lot of furniture.

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